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Please send all mail correspondence to the following address:
PO Box A3487
Chicago, IL 60690

We truly believe in the amazing work each of our non-profits do day in and day out - so much that we offer a completely free online fundraising solution. In a short amount of time, we have helped 700+ non-profit organizations earn well over $100,000 in incremental fundraising revenue. We continue to grow at an exponential rate as more and more non-profit organizations seek creative fundraising ideas that get them one step closer to achieving their fundraising goals!

At Fundinco, our mission is to help non-profits achieve their goals through meaningful and creative solutions - all at absolutely no cost to the organization.  The platform we have created allows your non-profit to raise additional funds without asking supporters to reach directly into their wallets.  Instead, supporters simply shop online and your organization earns a commission on their purchases.

We view our members as true partners and take our relationship seriously.  That’s why we have developed easy to use marketing tools, which like everything at Fundinco, are totally free.  Want a banner for your website, flyers to print off, and customized value-add emails to send out?  We have them all for you and if you need help along the way our team is here for you as well - simply just a call or email away.

We want to welcome your non-profit to the Fundinco family - join today.

For more information please contact us by clicking here.      

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