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ADDITIONAL ORGANIZATION TERMS – Effective September 1, 2016


By applying to be a fund-raising organization on the Fundinco Platform, you agree to the following Additional Organization Terms of Use (“Additional Terms”) in addition to the general Fundinco User Agreement. All terms not defined in the Additional Terms will have the same meaning as in the Fundinco User Agreement.

Various organizations (e.g., schools, churches) may apply to join the Fundinco Platform in order to earn income. Fundinco may approve or reject any organization in Fundinco’s sole discretion, and may reject any application for any reason. An organization that has been approved (an “Approved Organization”) may lose this approval and no longer be a member of the Fundinco Platform should it violate the Agreement or these Additional Terms in any way or should the Fundinco Platform cease to exist. An Approved Organization must continue to comply with the Agreement and Additional Terms even after the organization ceases to be an Approved Organization.

Approved Organizations will earn a commission on sales made through third party sites via links on the Fundinco Platform or on sales made directly on the Fundinco Platform by users who have selected the Approved Organization to receive their support (each a “Qualifying Sale”). This commission may vary across products, sellers, and third party sites and is subject to change without prior notice to you. Some products have maximum commission limits implemented by the third party or are excluded by the third party. In cases where these items are purchased and the limit is applicable, an adjustment is made which can result in the overall commission rate being below the standard rate.  Purchases made without an Approved Organization selected or not directly through the link provided on the Fundinco Platform will not earn a commission for an Approved Organization. Also, purchases made that do not constitute a Qualifying Sale due to the third party’s policies will not earn a commission. Commission is earned only on final sales and any returned items will be credited against the Approved Organization’s balance. You understand and agree that Fundinco may also earn a commission or take a fee on all sales. Payments to the Approved Organization will be made monthly on or about 75 days after accrued month end so long as the payout would be at least $50. Lower amounts may be rolled to future months. You understand and agree that if a seller posts a product on the Fundinco Platform and selects your organization to receive any proceeds, Fundinco may issue that seller a receipt on your behalf (you would also have access to these receipts) and that you accept the donation. 

You understand and agree that Fundinco relies on third party tracking and reporting in order to calculate Qualifying Sales and commissions and that Fundinco cannot guarantee the accuracy of those reports. You also agree that should there be a disruption of reports or service from a third-party, for any reason, you may not receive commissions during that time period. Should a third-party fail to make payment to Fundinco for any reason, you agree to hold Fundinco harmless and understand that you may not be paid your earnings. Fundinco will strive to correct any disruptions in a timely fashion but cannot guarantee there will be a successful resolution. Fundinco will have no obligation to share with you any reports or other information provided by any third party.

Approved Organizations are responsible for reporting any revenues earned via the Fundinco Platform to the appropriate taxing authorities. It is also your responsibility to keep your information (address, email, etc.) accurate and up to date with Fundinco. Fundinco reserves the right to contact an Approved Organization by phone, mail, email, or other method at any time. As an Approved Organization you agree to actively participate in the promotional process of the Fundinco Platform and to make your best effort to send users to the Website. You further agree to not engage in a similar revenue generating program or create one of your own. The advertising and marketing materials provided on the Fundinco Platform are solely to be used in connection with raising money through the Fundinco Platform.
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