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See for yourself how works!  
Want to learn more about how works and what your supporters will see once they find your organization? This demo account will allow you to see just that while at the same time explore the many fundraising possibilities that we offer.
Benefits of Joining
  • An innovative new fundraising tool
  • No cost solution
  • Simple and Easy to administer
  • A non-intrusive way for people to support your organization
  • Free marketing tools to support your organization's success
  • Aligns your organization with a platform for future growth - with
See Your Account Administration Area
Once your organization is approved, you will have access to the myAccount section. This is where you are able to customize your organization's homepage - including changing your profile information, adding a logo, recent news articles, upcoming events, and even adding customized amazon products! In this demo, you will seen an inside look into what your myAccount page would look like and all of the options available to your organization.
See Your Homepage that Your Supporters will See
Once your organization is approved, your homepage will be activated, allowing your supporters to begin making purchases that will count towards your fundraising goals. When you click on the START DEMO button below, you will be taken to a page that will look just like yours when you sign up. This is the page that your supporters will see, and the best part is that it's fully customizable to your needs!
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